The Foundation Mission Lanka was founded by mr. Shantha. He had to leaf his country of birth.
At the invitation of the Dutch government Shantha comes to the Netherlands.
It is his desire to work for better human rights for the Srilanka people.
Shantha now has sufficient command of the Dutsch language to work on his dream and together with two members they grounded the Foundation Mission Lanka.

Shantha Dalugamage is a Justice of the Peace whole island at the ministry of justice Srilanka.
Affiliate member at International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA)
Co÷rdinator of You have a rights international human rights committee.
Member of United for human rights.
UN online volunteer.
Secratary of National christian assemblies of Srilanka.
Secratary of Lanka needy children foundation.
International elder of Brotherhood of Christian Biker World.
Former director of deputy secretary of Ditiya foundation human rights committee.



Improving human rights in Srlanka, regardless of origin, religion or other (political) beliefs.
The foundation wants to do this by launching a bottum-up sustainable change through the fight against poverty, hunger and injustice to create a better future for the children and their families.
In collaboration with those involved, companies and organizations are equipped fort he new generation with knowledge and possibilities to ultimately provide their own income and they are taught to work with people who think differently.
This described in the statutes of the foundation.
The foundation triest o archieve its goal by establishing lasting connections between private individuals, companies and organizations in the Netherlands and Srilanka.
Knowledge and expertise are made available and facilities are offered for cooperation.
Work is being done on solutions for help from Srilanka.
The foundation does not take a position for political or religious vieuws, and does not interfere with discussions about this.
The foundation believes in the power of the word, not the power of the weapon.
The foundation works from a Christian convition and has an eye for everyone, just like Jesus.